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The ProFlow Story

ProFlow Suspension Services was started in Queenstown on 20th August 2018.  The aim of the company is to provide world class mountain bike suspension tuning, servicing and set up for recreational riders and racers alike. Riding a bike with bad suspension is like driving a car with no tyres - it'll be rough, sketchy and handle like a bag of spanners. It's amazing how much difference a few tweaks of the suspension can make even a novice rider. 

ProFlow Suspension specialise in

  • understanding customer needs and translating that into their work, this is the most important aspect and is often overlooked.

  • Attention to detail - the key for ultimate performance and reliability.

  • Data logging, crucial for efficiency, ProFlow has the only Dyno in the South Island and use it on every service - learn more about the Dyno.

  • After service support even on basic servicing we are still more than happy to help you get set up on the bike so your suspension works as best as it can for you.

Proflow has a suspension workshop in Queenstown where they service mountain bike forks, shocks and dropper posts. They deal with all the major brands including Fox, Rockshox, Marzocchi, X Fusion, Ohlins and DVO.

ProFlow is the official New Zealand tuning centre for EXT shocks and forks, plus they're an Vorsprung Elite Tuning Partner. 


ProFlow is run from a secret (very clean) location so doesn't have a shop front. You can enquire about ProFlow services and drop your shock, fork or seatpost into any of our authorized partners. They can book the service in and we'll collect your suspension item from them, work our magic and then drop it back ready for you to collect (Please be sure to ask about turn around time when booking). 

Authorized Drop off/Pick up 

Bikeaholic, 109a Gorge Road, Queenstown.

Bikes & Beyond, Unit CG3, 1092 Frankton Road, Queenstown.

Alta Queenstown, 8 Duke St, Queenstown. 

NZ Shred, 19 Shotover Street, Queenstown.

Outside Sports, 9 Shotover Street, Queenstown.

Torpedo7 Queenstown, The Forge Building Camp &, Shotover St, Queenstown.

Torpedo7 Frankton, 12 Hawthorne Dr, Frankton, Queenstown.

EVO Cycles, 12 Hawthorne Dr, Frankton.

Torpedo 7 Taupo, 41 Tamamutu Street, Taupo

Torpedo 7 Tauranga, Tenancy 10, Tauranga Crossing, 2 Taurikura Drive, Tauranga 
If you can not reach any of these locations, please contact ProFlow directly.

Your items will always be returned to the original drop off point.

You can also book your items in online via our booking system 

Meet Paul owner of ProFlow Suspension



Owner and primary suspension

genius of ProFlow Suspension


I started riding mountain bikes in 2008 and got into the racing scene shortly after. I've been working on mountain bikes for 12 years, suspension for the past 7. I've been traveling the world, working with suspension techs and picking up tricks of the trade from the world's best.


My suspension training came from Sprung Suspension - working with Jake Ireland on Fox, Marzocchi, Rockshox, EXT

As a teen I used to race RC cars which taught me the very essence of attention to detail, setup and consistency. If you have ever raced RC cars at an international level then you will know that setup is everything. As my passion for RC car racing fizzled out bikes became a big part of my life. I love tinkering, constantly improving is a big driving point for suspension tuning, I love collecting data and I'm a magpie for shiny things. Most importantly, I enjoy helping people get to their plush point.