Booking page


To book with ProFlow Suspension, please fill out the booking form below. When you fill out the booking form, you’ll be able to choose how your item(s) get to us -


  • Select ProFlow Suspension if you want to come to to our workshop and drop off  your item(s) in person, or 

  • Select ProFlow Suspension if you want to courier your carefully packaged items to our workshop directly, or

  • Select one of the listed drop off locations around the country and take your item(s) to them - they’ll take care of the logistics.  


If you’re sending your suspension to us directly, please ensure you have your items with us the day before your booking. Allow approximately 3 days for postage time and remember to include your return address on the booking form. 

If you’re opting to drop your item(s) at a Queenstown drop off location, please ensure they are dropped off the day before your booking. For outside of Queenstown, it’s safest to drop your items off approximately 3 days before your booking, to account for the additional postage time. 


 Please provide as much information as possible in the booking form and ensure all fields are filled in. The more information provided, the easier it is for us to get your item(s) back to you promptly.


If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. 

Booking Rules 


  • Maximum 3 items per booking (1 bikes worth - fork/shock/seatpost)

  • Please provide as much detail as possible

  • Add your weight/bike/service items details on the personal details page

  • Payment will be taken by the authorised dealer you have chosen to drop your items into. If you have sent your items to us directly, you’ll be invoiced by ProFlow via email. 

If you have any questions about service bookings, you can look at our FAQ's or the fork servicing/shock servicing/seatpost servicing info pages. Or feel free to contact us.

ProFlow Suspension Service Guarantee

All suspension items and seat posts serviced by ProFlow Suspension come back to you with a 2 month ProFlow Workmanship Guarantee.

If you have an issue with your serviced item within 2 months of the service please get in touch and it can be booked in for a ProFlow Workmanship Warranty - we'll fix the issue free of charge.

Terms and Conditions for the guarantee

  • Must be within 2 months of service date specified on set up sheet.

  • Must not have been altered or tampered with by outside parties since date of service

  • If during initial service ProFlow communicates known issues with suspension item/seatpost and customer declines ProFlow recommendations for additional replacement parts outside of regular servicing - warranty will be void which will be specified on set up sheet.

  • If when pulling apart your suspension item issues are discovered and you choose not to proceed with full service you will be charged for 1 hours labour at standard rate.