Frequently asked questions

How do I book a ProFlow Service

You can book a ProFlow service via our online booking system or go into one of our authorised dealers and they can book it in for you.

Where do I drop in my suspension for servicing?

You can drop your suspension into one of our authorised dealers which are listed on our contact page

How long before my service booking do I need to drop in my suspension items?

Please make sure you drop your suspension items to your chosen drop off location the day before your service booking. If you don't drop it off the day before we cannot guarantee the turn around time.

Can you do overnight turn around on servicing?

Yes we do offer an overnight service. The overnight service costs an additional $60 and can be added during the booking process.

Can ProFlow Suspension do custom damper tuning?

Yes we can, we can custom tune all suspension items and adjust them to suit you, your bike and your riding style

I can't add 5 items to your booking system

The ProFlow service booking system is design to take bookings for suspension items from 1 bike at a time so maximum 3 item - fork, shock and seatpost. If you have items from two bikes, please make two separate bookings. Thanks

Does ProFlow Suspension have a shop in Queenstown?

No sorry, ProFlow Suspension is currently operating from a secret location in Queenstown, drop offs and pick ups are done via the authorised dealers but if you'd like to have a chat with us about your suspension we're more than happy to talk on the phone or via email so please get in touch.

Does a ProFlow Service come with a warranty

Yes all suspension items serviced by ProFlow Suspension come with a 2 month workmanship warranty. If there is an issue with your shock/fork/seatpost within 2 months of us servicing it, please give us a call and we can book it in and fix the issues. Please see full details on the "Book a Service" page.