Other Brand MTB Forks 

Servicing and custom tuning is available for all popular mtb fork brands including EXT, Cane Creek, MRP and DVO. Custom tuning goes beyond a standard service, the process involves analysing your forks with the aid of our RD2 Dyno and telemetry sensors so we can understanding what's happening in your fork at all times during your ride. Once we understand this we can make some adjustments to ensure the fork is at its optimal performance for you, your bike and your riding style. 

Recommended performance upgrades for MTB forks

Bushing resizing -  if the bushings in your fork lowers are tight bushings they likely won’t “bed in” and will make the fork feel harsh. If bushings are too loose/worn out then the fork will develop play and you'll hear knocking while you're riding. In both of these cases book your fork in for a service with ProFlow Suspension and we can resize your bushings to the exact calibration of your stanchions for some slick, stiction free action. Most fork stanchions are not parallel which increases friction during compression, we can parallel your stanchions giving you better performance and longer life from your forks.