The Andreani High Flow Piston Kit works with fox, Rockshox and Cannondale Lefty MTB forks. The basic principal of the piston is to increase the potential oil flow though the main damper piston, making for faster recovery on the rebound stroke, aiding traction and preventing the fork from packing up under successive hits. The additional oil flow allows for a compression shim stack to be added to the bottom of the piston, which creates a greater range of damping properties. Most notably, this tends to create more mid-stroke support, eliminate damping spikes, and creates a better transition between low and high speed events in the damper.


The Andreani high flow piston kit is made up of an alloy boost flow piston and includes rebound and compression shims for Hard and Soft settings.


The hard shim stack setting is tuned for small bump sensitivity and mid range stability especially in corners and jump transitions and is also suited to bigger riders wanting more platform performance from their forks.


The soft shim stack setting is aimed at riders who are looking for a more plush setup, allowing the fork to reach deeper into the travel while still holding up at the end of the stroke. 


The kit contains:

  • 1 Hydraulic rebound piston
  • 500ml Andreani fork oil 7,5W
  • 1 Rebound shim stack
  • 1 Hard setting shim stack
  • 1 Soft setting shim stack
  • Detailed instruction


PLEASE NOTE - This product has to be fitted by a ProFlow Suspension tech during a fork service so you will need to book a service if you would like a high flow piston fitted. 

Andreani High Flow Piston Kit