The Adreani PRO-IMPACT MTB fork kit is the most easy and cost effective way to tune your mountain bike fork. 


The PRO-IMPACT MTB fork kit works on mountain bike forks with 32mm to 36mm stanchions and can be fitted to most brands including fox forks, rockshox forks and marzocchi forks. The pro-impact kit makes your fork feel more progressive and it modifies the dampening speed in compression and rebound. 


The elastic elements (basically rubberised volume reducers) allows you to run lower air pressure in your fork which makes the beginning of the stroke more supple, reducing the vibration through the handlebars on small bumps. The fork will also work more effectively in the mid stroke without diving and with a reduced risk of bottoming out. 


The Pro-Impact elastic elements are inserted into the positive chamber (on air forks) or inside the spring (on spring coiled forks). They must be coated in specific grease to ensure a high level of lubrication in the system.  


If you buy the Adreani Pro-Impact fork kit from Proflow  Suspension we will fit it for free when you book your mountain bike fork in for a full service with us. 



Andreani Pro Impact MTB Fork Kit