The EXT Racing Shox 2.5W MTB shock oil is a high quality 100% synthetic racing shock fluid. This oil has been developed in World Rally Championship programs to be a special hydraulic fluid for high performance or competition. 

Proflow suspension specialises in mountain bike suspension servicing and tuning so book your shock in so we can help you get your bike riding like a pro's. 

Features of the 2.5W oil include - 
High viscosity index to keep property unaltered during use
High resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation
No foam formation and air intake
Great lubricity
Low wear and reduced deposit formation
Complete compatibility with rubber seals


Density at 20°C - 0.80 Kg/Lt

Viscosity CST at 40° C - 9

Viscosity CST at 100°C - 3

Viscosity Index - 325

Flammability - 150°C

Sliding Point - 60°C

EXT Racing Shox - 2.5W MTB Shock Oil