The EXT Racing Shox 5W is high quality lubricant for MTB forks and hydraulic system developed for racing use. The EXT oil series has high anti-foam and anti-wear properties. Developed with additives compatible with all types of seals and o-rings, the high viscosity index and special additives guarantee excellent performance even at the very high temperatures and under extreme conditions.

Features of the EXT 5W MTB fork oil include -
High viscosity index to keep property unaltered during use
No foam production
Great lubricity
Special additives to reduce wear
Complete compatibility with rubber seals


Specific Weight at 20°C - 0.857

Viscosity CST at 40°C - 21.5

Viscosity CST at 100°C - 6.0

Viscosity Index - 253

Flammability - >190°C

Sliding Point - -35°C

EXT Racing Shox - 5W MTB Fork Oil