The EXT Racing Shox 5W fork oil is a high quality lubricant for mountain bike forks and hydraulic system developed with racing in mind. The EXT oil series has high anti-foam and anti-wear properties. 

The oils have been developed with additives compatible with all types of seals and o-rings. 

The high viscosity index of the oil and special additives guarantee excellent performance even at the very high temperatures and under extreme conditions.

Proflow Suspension provides mountain bike fork servicing and set up so make sure you book in to get your bike riding the best it can. 

High viscosity index to keep property unaltered during use
No foam production
Great lubricity
Special additives to reduce wear
Complete compatibility with rubber seals


Specific Weight at 20°C - 0.860

Viscosity CST at 40°C - 26.0

Viscosity CST at 100°C - 6.4

EXT Racing Shox - 7.5W MTB Fork Oil