This EXT mountain bike fork lubricant facilitates the lubrication between metal parts of the fork which are in direct contact. This High performance fork lube has a great ability to change the activity factor (stick-slip phenomenon: discontinuous motion at low speed). It also has high anti-rust and anti-wear properties and excellent adhesiveness on all surfaces.

The fork leg lubricant also contains special features for lubricating heavily loaded bodies, has high demulsifying properties and great performance at the lowest temperature. It will help to prevent damages and increase the life of components and seals within your MTB fork. 

100% Synthetic
Developed to facilitate the fitment of mechanical parts that work in heavy-duty conditions
Ideal to be used even at the lowest temperatures
Great ability to change the stick-slip phenomenon
Excellent anti-wrinkle and anti-wear properties
Excellent adhesiveness on all surfaces
A very high index of viscosity


Density at 15°C

0.840 Kg/Lt

Viscosity CST at 40°C


Viscosity CST at 100°C


Viscosity Index




Sliding Point


EXT Racing Shox - High Performance Lower Leg Fork Lube