The EXT Storia V3 Lok coil shock is 100% pure performance, lightweight and beauty all combined into the highest performing coil MTB shock on the market.


If you purchase the EXT Storia coil shock from Proflow Suspension we'll fit and set up the shock to your ideal settings free of charge.


The Storia V3 Lok shock is custom-tuned to rider weight, style and frame - this includes full compression, rebound shim assembly and spring calculation. Included in the package are two EXT Super Alloy Springs of slightly different weights for fine-tuning to different tracks, conditions and disciplines.  


EXT shocks are individually dyno-ed at two different speed settings and two different clicker settings before leaving the factory. The tapered, progressive damping, where most of the oil flow goes through demand valves rather than adjuster valves, is exactly as EXT planned. 


The EXT Storia V3 LOK MTB Shock offers the revolutionary LOK Technology that allows a complete compression separate lock-out system, now totally renewed with a new design, a more progressive opening, and a totally silent working.


The Storia EXT also features the hydraulic bottom-out system used in the EXT ARMA named HBC (Hydraulic Bottom-out Control), capable to develop more than 50% of hydraulic force only on the last part of the stroke, allowing riders to avoid any kind of bottom-out issues while running a softer spring rate which improves traction and handling. The HBC technology allows the use of thinner bottom-out bumpers, increasing the amount of useful travel.


STORIA V3 is designed to serve those customers who want the maximum performance of a pedal-platform equipped shock, with great support on the last millimetres of bike rear travel, with the great performance of a coil-over shock.


The EXT Storia V3 LOK MTB Shock was the winner of 2019 Pinkbike shock of the year 


Important note - the lead time for all EXT shocks is 3-5 days due to set up requirements. We will contact you for your details then ensure your shock is set up for your weight, bike and riding style.

EXT Storia V3 Lok shock - Imperial eyelet