The Fox 38 Factory Series Fork is a hard hitting, long travel enduro specialist. This Fox fork is optimized for 160-180mm of travel and is smoother, stiffer and more tunable than ever. 


Features of the Fox 38 fork include

FLOATING AXLE - offers a distinct performance advantage due to their unique ability to match the exact width of the fork’s wheel mounting surface precisely to the front hub flange spacing, thus creating perfect chassis alignment and eliminating unwanted friction between the upper and lower fork legs. Floating axles provide much smoother suspension movement throughout the entire range of the fork’s travel, notably improving sensitivity and overall ride quality.


LOWER LEG CHANNELS - As a fork compresses, the air volume within the lower legs decreases, increasing air pressure. The more the fork compresses, the more pressure increases. This effect can have the unintended consequence of preventing full travel from being achieved. Fox lower leg channels help alleviate this issue by dramatically increasing air volume within the lower legs and thereby reducing the amount of additional unintended pressure ramping.


BLEEDERS - Fox lower leg bleeders allow for atmospheric pressure equalization at the simple press of a button. Pressure build-up in the lower legs dramatically decreases fork performance, preventing full travel from being achieved, and diminishing small bump sensitivity and responsiveness.


GRIP2 -  The fox GRIP2 damper is the benchmark for unparalleled ride quality and ultra-precise on-the-fly adjustability. For 2021, Fox has added its patented VVC technology to the high-speed compression circuit.


Available for 27.5 and 29 inch wheels. 

  • Upper Tube Finish - Kashima Coat
  • Rotor size - 180 direct Post Mount, Up to 230 compatible
  • Mud guard mount - Optional FOX 36/38 Mud Guard with sturdy 4-point direct-mount attachment
  • Air Spring - FLOAT EVOL
  • Steerer - 1.5 tapered
  • Starting weight - 2180 g


Please enquire for availability and options. 

Fox 38 Factory Fork