The Fox Suspension Oil 20wt Gold is designed as a lower leg lubricant for Fox mountain bike forks. 


Fox Racing Shox high performance suspension oil is formulated to provide consistent performance throughout extreme temperature conditions. This fully synthetic additive system maintains a high IV and eliminates stiction, friction, wear and protects against foaming, seal-swell, oxidation and corrosion.


  • The new 20wt. Gold Bath Oil may be used with FIT and O/C damper cartridges (in the lower) but should NEVER be used in open bath fork dampers.
  • FOX 20wt. Gold is compatible with all 34mm, 36mm, and 40mm FOX Low-Friction wipers (manufactured by SKF).
  • FOX 20wt. Gold is only compatible with the latest version of the 32mm FOX Low-Friction wipers.


The 20wt Gold Fox suspension oil is available in 100ml or 1 litre.


Fox Suspension Oil - 20wt Gold