The POWA DFender mudguard is a unique solution to the problem of retaining clear vision when mountain bike riding or racing in the wet. The extended rear section stops the spray which comes up from the rotation of the front wheel, and the low, wide front of the Dfender catches the spray from launching into puddles. 


The Dfender mudguard fits most Fox Forks. The Rockshox option fits 26'' Boxxer, Revelation, Sektor, Pike and Lyrik forks. It also fits 27.5'' NON-BOOST Pike and Revelation forks. It does not fit 29er or Boost Rockshox forks. If you're not sure whether the DFender mud guard is right for your bike or if you'd like us to fit it for you then please feel free to get in touch.


It has been described as a 'GAMECHANGER' by Steve Jones when he was at DIRT magazine

POWA DFender Mud Guards

SKU: PDMG 01121