Genuine Rockshox volume spacers for solo air Rockshox forks including Pike, Revelation, Lyrik and Yari.


Fine tune your fork air spring to suit your style of riding and get the best to of your suspension. Volume spacers (named bottomless tokens by Rockshox) are designed to reduce volume of air in the air spring of your suspension fork. By reducing air volume, you obtain greater ramp at the end of the suspension stroke meaning there's a reduced risk of bottoming out the fork.


Each volume spacer added will require greater force to make your fork achieve full travel. The number of spacers you can add to your fork will depend on your suspension fork model, wheel size, and travel setting of your fork.


ProFlow Suspension specialise in set up and servicing of mountain bike suspension so if you want to get the most out of your bike on every ride make sure you book in with us to find your perfect set up.


Quantity of rockshox volume spacers per pack: 3. 

Rockshox Fork Volume Spacers 35mm Solo Air - Revelation | Pike | Yari | Lyrik

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