The Vorsprung Smashpot is a system to convert a standard air or coil single crown enduro fork into a vorsprung coil fork. 


The Smashpot features a speed sensitive shimmed valve which engages progressively and seamlessly in the last 50mm of travel to effectively manage high energy and low energy inputs without harshness. Bottoming resistance is easily controlled by a tool-free external adjustment ensuring you get as much or as little  resistance as you need. Turn a dial and you're sorted.


Unlike conventional hydraulic anti-bottoming cones, the longer displacement over which it is effective and its speed-sensitive shimmed valve means the Smashpot can dissipate more energy with lower forces, bringing the fork to a gentle stop at the end of the travel in a smooth, controlled manner.


Compared to alternatives such as elastomer or pneumatic bump stops, the Smashpot doesn't involve components physically colliding mid-travel. And unlike air springs and pneumatic bump stops, it dissipates energy rather than storing it and throwing it back at you, further stabilising the bike. There's no air spring seals, meaning fewer potential points of failure in your fork, no spring stiction, fewer wearing seals, and no need for a shock pump - ever. 


Proflow Suspension can install the Vorsprung conversion kit and get your fork dialled in to your riding style. Please get in touch or make a booking.


If we don't have the right spring rate in stock for you please get in touch, we can get hold of it for you. 



  • Compatible with Fox 36 (2015+) and 36 Rhythm, Marzocchi Z1 (2019+), and Rockshox Pike/Lyrik/Yari/Revelation (35mm) forks. 
  • 130-180mm travel, internally adjustable using included spacers. (Note - max permissible travel for your fork is determined by the fork manufacturer and may be less than 180mm)
  • Full tool-free control over bottoming resistance. 
  • 11 coil spring rates available, from 30lbs/in to 80lbs/in precision wound in 5lbs/in increments.
  • Rider weights from 45kg (100lbs) to 125kg (275lbs) catered for.
  • Universal cartridge kits require only new top caps to be moved between different forks (and foot studs if different fork brands).
  • Springs are guided and isolated internally and externally to reduce spring buckling and knocking, minimising noise.
  • Spring guiding system also means less rubbing, less wear and less contamination of the bath oil.
  • Utilises more oil for superior bushing lubrication and smoothness.
  • Only coil conversion system on the market allowing 180mm travel.
  • Easy and cost-effective to transfer from one fork to another.
  • Allows full use of travel even for very light riders
  • No harsh bottoming.
  • Reliable and low maintenance.
  • User installable and serviceable.
  • Weight increase of approximately 250-450g (dependent on spring rate and fork's existing spring system).
  • System includes one universal Smashpot cartridge kit with brand-specific food stud, fork-specific topcap and spring
    • Please note that installing this conversion kit will void the fork manufacturer's warranty.  You may not be able to revert to an air fork as spring rub may score the inside of your stanchion, so the the piston may not seal again. The spring is both isolated and guided to minimise stanchion knock and rub, however there are no guarantees an air spring will seal again after riding with a spring installed. 


    ProFlow Suspension is the official Vorsprung New Zealand service centre - an elite partner with Vorsprung. Book in with us today for a world class suspension service using Vorsprung suspension products.


    Vorsprung Smashpot - Fork Coil Conversion System